KSA Preparation Don'ts

by fred 24. August 2010

While these things can help you get an interview, having certain things in your KSA statements will ruin your chances of getting an interview.

· Don't copy sentences directly from the position description.
· Don't list what others have done, or achievements of a previous...View Full Post...

KSA Preparation Do's

by fred 17. August 2010
KSA's are mandatory on most types of applications for government jobs. These KSA statements can make the difference between getting an interview and receiving a rejection letter.

Evaluate the requirements of the job you are looking at. Begin crafting a list of what you believe this job would need as far as KSA...View Full Post...

Government Job Application Tips

by fred 10. August 2010

Even today, the federal government keeps hiring specifically because government work never stops for as long as there are people to serve. Nevertheless, you will see that government jobs are very competitive by virtue of the nature of public work. These tips should help you reach your goals in a fast, easy and convenient manner.
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Becoming A Webmaster

by fred 4. August 2010
A webmaster is a very essential role whether it is in a corporation or a home business. Essentially the webmaster is tasked with making sure that the company website stays afloat. In the event you are part of a hosting company, you will be responsible for many sites simultaneously.

Whether or not you have the skills for it is usually...View Full Post...

Federal Resume Writing Don'ts

by fred 29. July 2010
There are a few don'ts when it comes to writing your federal resume, as well:
  • Don't forget to include specific information as it pertains to the job you are applying to: you can fill in the gaps if you don't have the required education for a particular job by detailing...
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Federal Resume Writing Do's

by fred 21. July 2010
The majority of us have at least taken a stab at writing a normal resume, but writing a federal resume is a bit different. You can't just follow the guidelines of writing a standard resume and suppose that it will land you that federal job. Nowadays, preparing the resume on the Federal resume form is the accepted way to do it; it is also known...View Full Post...

Executive resume Myths

by fred 12. July 2010
If you're considering applying for position openings at the executive level, the process can get pretty complex in no time. However, as long as you are prepared and knowledgeable, you can write an executive resume that will get you the job you're looking for. Sadly, there is a plethora of misconceptions and myths regarding executive resume...View Full Post...

How to write a cover letter for IT

by fred 29. June 2010
Having quite desirable skills in the IT field is  vital, but it won't be helpful if your resume is neglected.  You need to give the HR a reason to look at your resume.  A cover letter is what is used to catch their attention so that they will want to read your resume.

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Using Resume Writing Services

by fred 21. June 2010
With the job market being so competitive, more and more candidates prefer to use professional resume services to get their resume prepared. Obviously, getting a professional to write your resume is not cheap but on the other hand it ensures you will have a good resume that is up to date with the latest...View Full Post...

Making an Impression With Your Resume

by fred 15. June 2010
Remember that commercial you saw on TV the other day? The one with the catchy song that you can't get out of your head? This is good advertising right there, and you can take notes from it on how to prepare a resume that will make an impression on employers.

Much like commercials, resumes need to grab the attention of the recruiter...View Full Post...