Top 10 Resume Cover Letter Writing Tips

by fred 15. February 2011
This post is the continuation of our previous post. 
6. Show where the prior skills that are known and the ones that are needed for the job fit. Be certain to expand upon this and get into fairly decent detail.

7. Make corrections, spell check and make sure that the grammar is correct. Allow relatives or friends to read over the cover letter several times before submitting it.

8. Be formal. Using a quite formal style of resume writing allows objectiveness to be brought to the table and does not cloud a cover letter with self-indulgent words.

9. Acknowledge and become what the company wants. Make sure to show that what they desire is perfectly obvious and obtainable.

10.  Define what strengths you have. Make sure to do so without overdoing it. Be honest and straight forward but do not lie.
An extra tip is to explain each employment gap in your resume. Don't complain about past companies as that will not make future employers interested in hiring you. Simply explain with a calm mind why it was that the last job did not work out and why there was more than a two week gap between employment.

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