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In order to guarantee that you'll land a job, we do much more than just write you a resume. However, our resumes are some of the best out there. Your new resume can be: entry level, standard and executive level. We also provide resumes formatted specially for government and federal positions. For military personnel now going into the private sector we have military to civilian conversion resumes. Below are some samples of the different levels of resumes:

Entry Level, College Grad or Re-entering

We understand that an entry-level resume must focus on more than your employment history – after all, if you need an entry-level resume chances are you have little or no previous work experience! We will hone in on your natural and professional abilities, focus on your transferable skills, highlight your internships and community work -- instead of current employment records -- ultimately showcasing your future promise to employers.

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Standard Resume

For most job seekers, professionals and mid-level management. We can help you succeed with your next career move! We will provide you with a comprehensive resume package that includes a powerful synopsis of your professional career, complete with a highly focused objective and a strong Career Profile Summary. We never just present your employment history! We take your employment background and transform it into a document that reflects YOUR success, progress and positive corporate impact you have made with your previous employers. NOTE: For job seekers with up to 7 years employment history. Professionals with 7+ years of employment history or who are looking for executive type positions should refer to the EXECUTIVE resume package to ensure optimal and immediate results from your new resume package.

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Executive Resume

Designed exclusively for the senior level professional who is seeking a powerful marketing tool that includes sections entirely dedicated to Career Milestones/Achievements, Executive Summary and our exclusive Executive Format guaranteed to grab employers attention and get results. NOTE: Our Executive level clients generally possess 7+ years professional experience or are Senior Managers and Executive Professionals. Also, this is the IDEAL resume package for professionals who are applying for more senior positions for the first time and wish to qualify their experiences and levels of expertise.

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Special Resumes:

Also ask about our Federal resumes, military to civilian resumes and the ultimate resume package that will give you the biggest boost in your search for a new job.

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