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The following success stories are a sampling of our 5000+ satisfied customers. These are real customers who went out of their way to tell us how happy they were with our services.

"Thank you all for a great job!"

My resume is complete... Response has been very positive. I've had several responses from hiring companies and recruiters, two telephone interviews and one face-to-face so far. I'll let you folks know when I land a job.

T. Anderson
Fairfield, CT

"If only I knew how to write as well as you folks..."

"It reads much better (easier) than what I have been using, my money was well spent.

Thank you very much"

R. Smith
Amherst, NH

"Thanks for doing my resume"

J. McHugh
Philadelphia, PA

"I have already had a job offer!"

"I'm extremely happy with my resume. I have already had a job offer! Thanks!"

K. Beard
Willis, TX

"You did a good job, I'm happy, take the rest of the week off and put yourself in for a raise."

"The Word formatted and text formatted resumes look much better than anything I could ever have done and what I was really hoping they would look like."


Greg Sliker
Mentor, OH

"It is easier to read and it is more 'eye catching'."

"The resume looks much better. It is easier to read and it is more "eye catching" and concise. I am also satisfied with the cover letter as well.

Thanks for your help."

J. Shapiro
Temecula, CA

"The resume looks grea"

"I have already been sending it out. I think it looks more professional than the first one. Thank You

Ontario, NY

"You far exceeded my expectations"

"I want to thank you for a well written and excellent resume. You far exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased with the results.
Again thank you very much.

C. Brockway
Sparks, NV

Thank you very much my new resume! I love it!"

"I'll recommend your services to all my job hunting friends and ex-colleges.

Thank you

Z. Csik
Manassas, VA

Thanks for all your work. The resume looks great!"

"You may mark this project complete.
Thanks again,

B. Pals
Des Moines, IA

Wow! You folks have done an outstanding job! "

"Thanks you.

Best Regards

F. Medina
Redondo Beach, CA

I'm extremely satisfied with the resume."


J. Turner
Meridian, MS

I want to thank you for your prompt and professional attendance to my questions.

V. Stelter
Littleton, CO

The resume looks grea"

"I have already been sending it out. I think it looks more professional than the first one.
Thank You

D. Albert
San Antonio, TX

"The documents are great."

"Thank you for the time you took to create them... Once again thank you.

E. Simmons
Hempstead, NY

"Thank you for your work on my resume,"

it is very good. I especially like the thank you and cover letter. They are WAY better than the last ones another service Proposed.

My resume was very good. I like the format; it will be a good change from my prior one. Thank you again for your assistance. I am trying to convince a friend to give your service a try."

J. Moore
Vernon Hills, IL

"Seriously, I'll be surprised if the phone doesn't start ringing off the hook within a few days. Thank you."
"When I saw your email in my inbox, I felt like the little boy at Christmas who gets the new bike he'd been dreaming about.

And then I opened the resume...I know I sat transfixed in shock for a full minute. I was just literally blown away. It is an awesome piece of writing.

I like to think I'm a pretty good wordsmith, but you....Whew! You have taken what I tried to say about an accomplishment in 25 words and expressed it much more effectively and powerfully in a single phrase. I am locking myself away all afternoon and tonight to get this masterpiece out to as many contacts and recruiters I can think of.

I'll be surprised if the phone doesn't start ringing off the hook within a few days. Thank you, thank you most sincerely for producing this gem. I'll be happy to write one of those glowing testimonials that I usually take with a hefty dose of salt. Stay tuned...

Best regards"

T. Anderson
Fairfield, CT

"Thanks for a beautiful professional job!"

"Again let me thank you for the excellent resume that you all have written for me. I am extremely satisfied and am sure it will bring me great results. Very Very professional!

Again Thanks for a beautiful professional job!"

H. Miller
Raleigh, NC

"Thank you so much! They look out of this world fabulous!!!"

J. McPhatter
Brandywine, MD

"I appreciate your prompt and courteous service."

M. Mandeville
Hays, KS

"I am really surprised that my resume can be changed like this!!! I appreciate the effort made by your side."

K. Chang
SungNam, Kyunggi, South Korea

"You are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I have sent it off to my head hunter and my fingers are now crossed. You did a great job and now I have something to go on in the future. What a difference. I am keeping you in my address info for recommendations.

Thank you again for all your time and hard work!"

T. Sullivan
Mission Viejo, CA

"I have reviewed the resume etc. and I am thoroughly pleased and impressed."

N. Venezia
King of Prussia, PA

"Thank you for your prompt and satisfactory response. I will definitely recommend your services to others."

N. Spinney
Weymouth, MA

"Thank you for the quick turn around on getting my resume back to me. I am very satisfied with the job you have done.

J. Prosh
Stephens City, VA

"Thank you for the fine job you've done on my resume and other documents"

Once again thank you for time and your superior job.

C. Foster
Rose, OK

"You’re unbelievable!!!!"

"I appreciate everything that you have done for me... I was skeptical about the whole thing being a college student and all... I'm sorry I really am...Have a GREAT day today....
Sincerely yours"

P. Dowe
Plattsburgh, NY

"Looks great."

"Thank you so much. I received the resume via Hotmail. I am very satisfied and wanted to thank you..."

G. Cross
Dalton, GA

"Thanks a Million!"
"Thanks for fixing my resume... I also appreciate your valuable information about resume format.


T. Thieu
San Jose, CA

Five thumbs up, you have done it again.

Susan Macarone
Software Developer
Jacksonville, FL

"WOW! Thank you... impressive. My hat's off to you."

M. Campaigne
Rochester, NY

"I had received my resume a later that afternoon and it looks wonderful! Thank you so much!"

M. Jordan
Germantown, MD

"IT IS....... Wonderful....... This is PERFECT!!!!

I WILL RECOMMEND you to others"

J. De Lio
Green Bay, WI

"That is what I call service."

Thank you for your conscientious effort, and the speediness of your work. I can now see the value of using your company for the fine tuning, and creation of résumé’s, cover letters, and thank you letters.
The Thank you letter and the cover letter are beautiful.."

D. Brown
Elk Grove, CA

"Thank you very much................this is a great resume!!!!!!"

N. Rogers
Kaneohe, HI

"I have been getting quite a few calls"

"I am happy with the results and comments have been positive on the rewritten resume.

I have been getting quite a few calls from the job search websites that I am posted on (Monster, Flip-Dog, Net-Temps, etc.).

Thanks for your assistance and I believe that it was a good deal, especially throwing in the cover and thank you letters as a bonus. I shall recommend you to my colleagues.


J. Exum
El Dorado, KS

"Thank you, I'm very happy with my new resume"
"I've even referred friends to your services.

Thanks again!"

C. Hayes
Bloomington, IL

You can put this resume to bed. I am happy with what I have and it is totally workable."

"Just for your information, I send the new resume to one of the recruiters that have been working for me. He actually reworked the same resume you received for me. I just received his response to the resume and he said it was really good. Well I got the recruiter’s attention so now let see what it does for my potential employers.

Thanks again for a fine resume

M. Fisk
Edgewood, KY

I think you folks have done a wonderful job..."

"Please convey my appreciation to the writers.


D. Misquitta

Thank you for the wonderful job you have done with my resume. It was worth the money

C. Lee
Massillon, OH

I have received your resume package. It was very well done..."

"I'm thankful for your services. Ya'll truly know what you're doing.

Rockledge, FL

"Thank you very very much for the much improved resume of mine. It looks great."

"I just checked it out and everything is fine and see no problems.
Once again thank you very much.

J. Staab
Hays, KS

"Thanks for doing a wonderful job on my resume. Very professional."

I will find great use for it in my future. In the mean time, I have already found a wonderful job... kinda fell into my lap, LOL. So, never got a real chance to use it. But, the time and effort everywhere was worth it, anyway. It really was. Thanks for doing your part.
Truly appreciative

H. Walls
Norristown, PA

As expected, I am very pleased with my new resume."

"My new resume brings my talents and skills to life. I feel much more confident with my job search and I owe it all to you.

Thanks again for your expertise.

S. Chester
Newark, NJ

"Thank you for the quick reply....Thanks again!"

R. Soliz
Houston, TX

I am unbelievably impressed and happy with the work you've done on my resume."

"This will open the right doors for me. Thank you very much and you may certainly use my name for a reference if you desire.

D. Durbin
Fairborn, OH

"Thank You for your excellent quick service."

All in all I am very satisfied; feel free to use me as a reference.

Thanks again"

J. Kugler
New Rochelle, NY

"Thanks for a job well done."

R. Pensinger
Homewood, IL

"I am very pleased with my resume. You did a wonderful job."

"Thank you,"

E. Smart
Nottingham, NH

Thank you for the prompt and courteous response!!!!"

"It's nice to get an answer from a real person!

L. Sears
Greensboro, NC

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