What not to do when it comes to job interviews

by fred 10. January 2011
Here are some Job Interview Don'ts:

Of course the main tip that's given to anyone is to not arrive late for an interview. If you do, you will have more than likely not only just wiped out your chances of landing the job, but you also will have to prove yourself ten times harder as to why you should get the job compared to the other candidates that showed up - on time. 

Try not to pretend to be totally perfect. Not one person is perfect and we've all made mistakes sometime in our lives. 

Don't eat anything that's going to leave a bad taste in your mouth. If you really need to eat something, try something light such as french fries as they really don't leave that much of a bad breath. Always double check you have everything you need before leaving your house. 

Don't forget your resume and always bring a pen as you will most likely need to sign some documents if you get the job.

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