Finance Job Search Guide

by fred 18. January 2011
Ok, so you have completed your education, have graduated with a degree in a finance or business and are getting ready to test your resume writing skills by sending a few resumes out there.  Entering the working world in a position like one of these will be very challenging.  You should get yourself ready to find a path that you will enjoy for the rest of your career.

You need to decide foremost what area of employment appeals to you the most. If you have always wanted to be an accountant then you should point your attention towards positions that are open in these areas.  If you take a position doing something that you are hardly interested in, you will realize that lack challenges and will be looking for another job very soon after starting that one.

If there was a class in College that you really enjoyed and challenged you then it might be a good idea to speak to the professor and see if they have any ideas about jobs would be a good match.  Maybe they also know employers hiring in that field.  If you did well in their class they may be willing to recommend you for a position at that company.

You should also spend some time deciding which is more important to you, salary or job security.  If you land a job that pays very well but you hate to go to work every day then you will be sacrificing happiness for money.  
If security is more vital to you then you should definitely search for a position that requires you to do things that interest you.  If you enjoy your job and the challenges that it offers, you are more likely to be be doing well and be more passionate about the position.  This will show and you will see that you can get a promotion much quicker and be on the track to a higher paying position in a company that you love.

If you are not sure about what type of job you want but you know that you want to work for a specific company then you can set up alerts on employment sites such as Monster so you can be informed when your favorite companies post positions with them.  You can let the employment sites do the work of finding a position for you.

Networking is a very important part of getting a job.  You have to be aggressive.  You can join groups that will invite prospective companies or spend time at all of the career fairs that are in your city so you can get your name out there.  Be sure to ask questions and make yourself known to the companies that you are particularly interested in working for. 

You will find that if you put your best foot forward and really make an effort, you will be rewarded.  You will find the position that you could be happy in for many years to come just by looking in the right places and following the right steps.

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