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by fred 2. March 2010

Looking for a job used to be a simple process. You would get your local paper, get to the classifieds section and look for job ads that would match your job profile and needs. While the arrival of the Net a decade ago took the job market to the next level by increasing the number of opportunities available to both job seekers and employers, this also made the job search environment more competitive than ever, most particularly during these months of strong unemployment. As a result it is now necessary to have a precise strategy when it comes to job search.

First, you need to know what you are looking for. Prepare a list of what you’re looking for, whether it’s the type of position, wages, company, benefits or location.

Second use the Internet to look for jobs. They are hundreds of sites that you can go to, from the big ones like Monster and CareerBuilder to job websites that are specialized by field or state. If there are companies you are interested in, you can also check their websites for openings.

Third, prepare your resume. Your resume should not only be based on your profile and skills but also be customized to each job – so make sure to include any important keyword you find in the announcement.

Fourth, prepare a cover letter that will emphasize the skills that you have that relate to the job you are applying to. This is also the opportunity to list points that might not fit in your resume.

Fifth, apply to the jobs, following exactly their application requirements and deadline. It is important as not respecting their requirements might get you disqualified even if you have what they want.

Sixth, prepare for interviewing with these companies by knowing what you will say about yourself and anticipating their questions. This is important as most companies set up the first interview over the phone so you want to be ready when they call you.

Finally, if you do get to interview in person,  make sure to send a thank you letter to show them that you are still interested in the job. As a result you will get more chances to be included in the top candidates for the job.

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