Government Job Application Tips

by fred 10. August 2010

Even today, the federal government keeps hiring specifically because government work never stops for as long as there are people to serve. Nevertheless, you will see that government jobs are very competitive by virtue of the nature of public work. These tips should help you reach your goals in a fast, easy and convenient manner.
First, keep your Federal resume concise. You have to keep your relevant successes, qualifications and other professional data in a concise manner - use bullet points and headings, arranged from the most to the least important and use short paragraphs.

Next, show your passion for the job. The best way to mention this desirable trait is to cite specific examples of the situations where you applied intelligence, creativity and drive to achieve a goal.
Third, check for mistakes. Lots of job applications have been rejected at the first sighting of an error, whether it's grammar, typos or personal information. Edit and re-edit until your resume and KSA writing until it looks flawless. Only then will you be ready to send your resume and application.
Fourth, answer every written question, if possible. Even if you don't have the best answer to an essay question, just write the most related idea that comes to mind or just place "not applicable" in the appropriate boxes.  
Fifth and most importantly, know everything there is to know about the agency. You will have no excuse not to gather information considering that virtually all Federal agencies have their own websites, not to mention the offline sources of news.
That way, you can answer the questions asked by the interviewers about your knowledge of the agency and the job. Ask current employees, if you have to, but make sure that it is done prudently.
During the interview, you should apply all the things that you learned to impress interviewers. These include coming in your business suit or dress, looking at the interviewers in the eye, answering questions in a direct and careful way and then saying your thanks when the interview is over.
Government jobs are coveted positions these days. It is essential to be ready from the submission of application forms to the interviews and then the completion of documents for hiring purposes.

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