Government Job Openings Increasing

by fred 26. March 2009

As you might already know, there is going to be more Government job openings this year and next year and, with the shortage of jobs in the private sector, you might consider looking into working for Uncle Sam. Of course, depending on your field, wages might lower than what you would make in the private sector, but what you will gain in exchange is job stability and great benefits.  Actually even college students and students seem to increasingly apply to Federal jobs.

If you go the official government employment site, USAJobs, you will not only see what specialties are in high demand (more partuculary Admin, IT, HR, Nurses) but aslo will be able to find openings by agency, field and region. However, applying to a Federal job is different from the private sector. Not only you will need to prevode all the information requested in the vacancy announcement, but you will need to prepare a special Federal resume and accompanying documents such as KSA's. Make sure you do your homework to prepare everything the way they want it, as not following their rules would get you disqualified, even if you have the right stuff. You will find all the information you need on government sites but, if you're not sure you can write a good federal resume, do not hesitate to hire professional writer to do it for you - it will be worth the investment.

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