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by fred 21. June 2010
With the job market being so competitive, more and more candidates prefer to use professional resume services to get their resume prepared. Obviously, getting a professional to write your resume is not cheap but on the other hand it ensures you will have a good resume that is up to date with the latest hiring trends.

Before you start looking for a resume writing company, you need to find out what services you need. To begin with, if you need a resume for a specific field or niche (engineering, nursing, Federal, etc …), it is better to look for companies that can prepare resumes for your specialty.

Also, do you just need a resume or would you like to get it posted on job websites and e-mailed to employers as well? In that case, you might want to look for a company that offer these additional services. Here are some tips to help you select the service you need:

Make sure the writers are certified. There are dozens of wannabe resume writers on the web but the only way to ensure they are qualified is to check if they are certified with NCRW, CPRW or PARW.

Look at their guarantee in details. If their resumes don not bring results, do they just rewrite them for free or do they give your money back? Also by results, what do they mean? Interviews? Job Offers?

Also check out how much experience these resume writing services have. The more the better and any company that has been around for several years can be trusted for having delivered on what they promise – otherwise they most likely would be out of business. In addition, if they provide success stories, you know they have happy customers.

Regarding add-ons such as resume posting and e-mail blasting, it might be better to select a company that provides them as part of resume packages so that they can do everything at the same time. In addition, since they worked on your resume, they will know for sure where to post it and e-mail it.

Finally, take the price into consideration. If you pick a cheap service, you will most likely get a poor resume made out of a sample. Your resume being the key to your career, make sure it gets the attention it deserves. You should pay at least $110 for a standard resume, around $190 for an executive resume and around $290 for a Federal government resume.

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I'm wondering how I know if I need my resume professionally written? I think mine is good enough, but then again, it's difficult to know what someone I've never met is looking for. If I'm questioning if I need the service, is it worth the expense?

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