The Important Elements of Resume Writing

by carlos 15. July 2008

BAD resume writing is the second most common reason that people aren’t hired for positions. The most common reason people don’t get the jobs they want is because they don’t apply. Whether they doubt themselves, don’t have the time many people cut themselves from the running by not applying to jobs that they are more than qualified for.

Once you’ve gotten past the self-doubt and uncertainty, and are embarking on the resume writing process, you simply need to approach resume writing with an open, informed mind, and be willing to invest the time and effort to conquer resume writing. Do this well, and you’ll be on your way to career success in no time.

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at in a career; not having a unique, polished masterpiece of a resume almost guarantees failure in your job search. If 100 people apply for a job, and every resume looks the same, the employer won’t be impressed by any of them! But, if one person takes the time to make their resume stand out from the rest, they’ll  be the one that stands out in the mind of the employer. 

How do I make my resume stand out when I don’t know what others are doing?

You can’t know how others are approaching their  resume writing, but you can do everything in your power to make yours a stand out. 

First: avoid grammatical errors and misspellings...use simple formatting with easy to read fonts and adequate spacing.

Once you’ve handled the basics, then it’s time to focus in on other elements that will make your resume writing a success.

For example, focus on keywords in the job announcements and use them in your resume writing. You’ll catch the attention of the reader that way.

It doesn’t matter what type of resume you’re creating. You have got to  provide a  unique, polished resume that stands out from the crowd ! 




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