Becoming A Webmaster

by fred 4. August 2010
A webmaster is a very essential role whether it is in a corporation or a home business. Essentially the webmaster is tasked with making sure that the company website stays afloat. In the event you are part of a hosting company, you will be responsible for many sites simultaneously.

Whether or not you have the skills for it is usually a matter of opinion, but there are several definite skills that you will need to have if you want to either progress in the job or get the job in the first place.

You will need computer skills, and these skills need to be far above your average computer skills (include all these skills in your webmaster IT resume). You need to know HTML, CSS, Javascript, among other programming languages. When you are the webmaster, you are usually on your own. The reason for this is that it is generally inconvenient to have two webmasters running around getting in each other's way, so the webmaster needs to be able to solve problems on his or her own.
There are two ways to obtain the necessary skills: by yourself or by going to school. If you choose to go with a teacher then you will most likely be enrolling in a community college or IT school. The best part about going to a school is that you will be able to include it in your IT resume, as most businesses will not take a webmaster that lacks a college education.
You could choose to learn by yourself and there are some companies that will hire you regardless, but most people will go into business on their own if they decide to pick up a book and learn by themselves.

Most web servers run on UNIX, so be certain you know that particular system inside and out before you move on to other applications. Once you master all of this, you will be surprised at just what you can do.

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