Resume Writing Tip

by scott 4. August 2007

Which statement would you rather have on your resume?

"Senior Manager with 8 years experience in marketing, customer service and administrative management, seeking an executive marketing position in the health care sector."


"Dynamic Senior Manager with 8 years of solid experience in marketing and customer service, combined with strong administrative management skills, aims to respond to new challenges and contribute to effective marketing in the health care sector."

If these statements were from two different resumes, which person would you prefer to meet?

It would probably the #2.  Why?

The second statement makes far more use of powerful adjectives ("solid") and verbs ("contribute"). These resume buzzwords suggest that the applicant wasn't simply a passive member of an organization, but that they were personally active and instrumental in achieving results. So, as you can see, in the second statement the focus is on the personal qualities as well as the career details, rather than on the work experience alone.

This is solid advice even for federal resumes, resumix and KSA’s.


Getting your resume professionally done is a crucial first step to getting the job you deserve.

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