Resume Writing Tips For Nurses

by carlos 12. September 2007

While there is an important technical aspect to the writing of a Nursing Resume, and the technical aspects are very important, they do not preclude the fundamental rules for an Effective Resume.

There are a few points that must be followed to have an Effective Resume. Below are the first 4 fundamentals.  Over then next short span of time I will follow up with more. Good luck in your Job search !

Point Number 1: Grammar and Spelling

Do not make grammar or spelling mistakes, EVER! Use the spell check function to find all the spelling and grammar errors. Proofread your resume and then have someone else proofread it. Look for improper use
of verb tenses (past and present). Look for inconsistent use of punctuation...probably the most common problem on a resume.

Point Number 2 : Use industry keywords and phrases specific to the position you are applying for.

Scan your resume,specifically the objective and the individual job descriptions for keywords and phrases. These are critical and most resumes DO NOT have them.

Point Number 3 : Check the length of your Resume and check the relevance of the content.

If your resume is MORE than 3 pages long...STOP! it needs to be rewritten. Look for a resume that is too short, leaving out important info. Is it unfocused, does it wander, is it vague and confusing?

Point Number 4 : Don't Fill Your Nursing Resume with Redundant Material.

 Look over your resume, use a professional eye. Are you using the same words over and over again? Are you using the same phrases? That doesn't work, it makes your resume ineffective. You don't want a one dimensional resume. Describe your jobs creatively. Each one is different regardless of how similar they are there are important differences. describe them.

You only have a few seconds to get the attention of your prospective employer, so be creative, be descriptive, be interesting.

Those are your first four steps. get them understood and look forward to more soon!




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