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The latest Federal government hiring reform having made things even more confusing as to whether KSA's are needed or not, we have decided to make things easier for you by including 5 KSA's for Free** with every Federal resume. So, if you are not sure if you need KSA's or not, don't worry: you are now covered either way!

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Federal Packages Discount Full Price Save Pay Only
25% Off $394.95 $99 $295.95
25% Off $394.95 $99 $295.95
25% Off $173.27 $43 $129.95

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You will receive your completed resume and/or KSA's 3 to 5 business days after we get your information.

Optional Add-On Services

Also, if you need from 5 to 10 KSA's, you can order an additional KSA set below for the discounted price of $80.

Add-On Services Discount Full Price Save Pay Only
54% Off $173.27 $93 $80.00
25% Off $79.95 $20 $59.95
30% Off $69.95 $20 $49.95
35% Off $149.90 $52 $98.00
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** The 5 Free KSA's will only be given away for free for the first vacancy announcement you are applying to, with your new Federal resume.
Also, please be sure to check your federal job posting - Effective 11/1/10 KSA's might not be required during the initial application process.

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