Top 10 Engineering Resume Tips

by fred 21. January 2010

Becoming an engineer is not easy and, therefore, a strong engineering resume is essential for anyone to get a job in that field. A good engineer resume should indeed make the reader want to continue reading and, eventually, contact the applicant for a job interview. A successful job seeker will want to follow these 10 engineering resume writing tips in order to land a great engineering job.

1) Instead of following a chronological timeline, make sure that you put the most important information first. That way, the employer will not simply see what you have done previsously, but will also notice your related achievements.

2) Do not bother with writing an objective, as this is a thing of the past. The hiring manager knows why you have sent your resume, so it is more appropriate to focus on things that the reader does not yet realize. A summary at the top of your resume will grab his/her attention and is much more valuable than a standard objective.

3) Include the most important data that you wish to convey at the top of the page because you want the reader to believe that you would be an asset. This will usually be your job experience and education, as this is what matters for a prospective employer.

4) Make sure that you add a list of projects that you have worked on somewhere during the resume, as this will prove that you have experience in this field. You never know, the reader might even recognize some of the projects and be impressed with your work.

5) Use industry jargon, as this will make you stand out. In some cases, your resume will not even reach a human reader unless it has these buzzwords, as companies are searching for people who use these words in their resume. Even if you are a great candidate, you won’t get an interview if your resume is not selected by these software.

6) Proofread your engineering resume to make sure it is flawless. A couple mistakes could completely change their opinion of you, so make sure that you pay attention to your grammar and spelling.
7) Keep everything concise and to the point. While you want to make sure that you don’t forget any relevant data do not get too wordy because this is a major turnoff for readers and will quickly get very boring.

8) One mistake that many people make is they list their job duties, rather than their accomplishments. You want to build yourself up as much as possible, so tell them about your accomplishments.

9) Make sure that the company realizes the benefits that you can bring by letting them know all about the special skills that you have.

10) Everything in your resume should be positive, so do not say anything bad about past employers or previous jobs. Skip anything negative that has happened previously and focus on the positive things that you have done.

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