Engineering Resume 101

by fred 14. July 2009
Writing an engineering resume isn’t like writing a regular resume. Engineers are subject to a higher standard and must as a result provide a more professional and focused resume to prospective employers so that they can meet their criteria for being hired. There are a several differences between engineer resumes and other resumes, and once you’re aware of them, it isn’t hard to properly approach Engineering resume writing.

Engineering resume writing
should feature a technical summary. This will show the hiring manager what technical skills you possess that make you the right candidate for the position. This section should be located at the top of your resume, just below your contact information, where the objective is usually located.

Focus on elements that are relevant. If you have applicable skills that make you a great candidate, they should be highlighted as well. Use bold fonts and bulleted lists to draw attention to particular qualifications such as: hardware/software capabilities, operating systems, internet proficiency/web applications and database programming. In the engineering world, these skills make your resume stand out and should be emphasized.

Use a Career Summary before you list your entire employment history. This will allow you to highlight other relevant skills and add a certain flair to your resume. It will also allow the hiring manager to see that you are qualified, right away. Anything that will quickly grab the attention of the hiring manager will make your resume better.

Include keywords from the job announcement opening. By adding these words and phrases to your resume, you will grab the attention of the reader. Employers know what they’re looking for and if you tell them you’ve got it in their own words, they will be more apt to read the rest of your resume. This also shows that you pay attention to detail, which is a great skill to showcase anyway.

Engineering resume writing doesn’t follow a chronological format, unless that is the most effective way to show your skills. Usually, an engineer resume follows a functional format. This means that you list the most relevant skills and accomplishments first and follow with the less vital data. While both formats work, it is however recommended to not follow a chronological structure. Ultimately, your resume needs to be written in a way that will best convey your qualifications to do the job at hand.

Engineering resume writing shouldn’t be that complicated. It may take a little extra time and effort than a regular resume, but as long as you keep these things in mind, it should be simple. Also, you can find some samples online, if you’d like to see how an engineering resume look like.

If you don’t feel you can write a good resume yourself, it is recommended to hire a professional resume writing service. They have more experience than you and are aware of the latest resume writing guidelines in your field.

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