Writing Tips For An Engineering Resume

by carlos 11. June 2008

Writing an Engineering resume isn’t much more difficult than writing a traditional resume. You will be required to provide more detailed information and provide details about various certifications and training that you have had. Your Resume must contain work experience that  relates to the position youa re seeking.  

Make certain that you understand fully the qualifications the employer is looking for. Then you must author your resume in such a way as to not only answer the employers questions, but you must build your resume in such a way that the employer feels the need to call you in for an interview immediately. That is where maketing and sales come into play.

Resume Writing Law for Engineers:

 Your Resume Isn't A Schematic It Is An Advertisement.

In my experience many engineers violate that Resume Writing Law to the degree that they they don't get the number of interviews or job offers they expected.

For all the education and skills and training and certifications and projects etc that you have been involved in your Resume is first and foremost a promotional document and it must be put toger=ther from that point of view not from an Engineering point of view.

You don't build redundancies into a resume! It is a different technology!

So be alive...be human... be effective... when you are working on your Resume be a writer not an engineer!







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