Resume Writing for Telecommuters

by fred 31. March 2009

Telecommuting is becomming increasingly popular, especially in these times of recession, and if you're planning to apply to jobs in this field, you should know that writing a resume for a telecommuing position is different than writing a traditional resume.

First, knowing that telecommuting positions tend to receive hundreds of resumes, you should make sure that not only your resume is flawless but also that it makes you stand out - if you resume looks like the other hundreds resumes, chances are that you will never make it to the interview, even if you're qualified.

In terms of content, while standard resumes focus on experience and education, telecommuting resumes must showcase how you can get the job done on your own, which means emphasizing time management skills, independance, the ability to meet deadlines and good communication skills.

Also, since you probably won't meet your employer in person for an interview, it is essential that this is your resume that makes a good first impression - so in addition to ensure your resume is flawless, make sure it is pro-active and showcases confidence. 

If you're not sure you're up to the task to prepare a great telecommuting resume do not hesitate to hire a professional resume writing service to ensure you get the best results




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