Resume Writing Tips

by carlos 8. November 2007

1. Keep Your Descriptions Fresh and Interesting.

Many clients,due to lack of writing skills, use redundant and repetitive content. You need to be creative when writing your resume.

Don't use repetitive phrasing through your entire resume – this is BAD!

Each job, regardless of the similarity, has unique duties and interesting and engaging descriptions can be written for each position.

2. Stay on Topic Don't Stray or Get Too Wordy.

If your current resume that is MORE than 3 pages long – it needs to be rewritten! You have to articulate and lay your thoughts down on the page in an interesting and concise manner.

An employer doesn't have time to struggle through pages of information. He wants the most relevant, important and impressive information presented clearly and in a quickly grasped manner.

To summarize, stay on topic keep it short and sweet, write in an interesting manner and make your resume easy to read and look at.

Do these things and the number of interviews you go on will skyrocket.





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