Resume Writing Tips Part 1

by carlos 16. August 2007
The first thing I want to say is "Get your Resume written by a Professional Resume Writer!" You can get more data on that at

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Here are a few Resume Writing Tips to give you the leading edge in your Job Search

1.Your Resume must be visually appealing.

Use the "white Space" on your pages to give your resume a
simple clean, easy to read, balanced look.

2.Design your resume with consistency and uniformity.

Don't use a number of different fonts. Don't confuse the reader by using boldface on one bullet point item and italics on the next. Be consistent in your use of the attention grabbing devices: Upper case letters, Quotation marks, ellipses etc.

3.Make sure there are absolutely no errors in your Resume.

Take some time to make sure this is done. You want NO typo's. NO misspelled words, NO grammar goofs or punctuation mistakes. Really, it has to be perfect in this regard.

4. Use a Telephone Number that will actually be answered.

That's right make sure you answer the telephone when it rings! Now in the event that you can't get to the phone PLEASE watch your phone messages! Make them short and professional. Do not have long song clips or slang greetings. A professional hiring manager will not be impressed.

5. Use an appropriate email address.
Make sure your email address is simple and professional sounding. I've seen some horribly off-color
and off the wall addresses. Stick to your name. Don't be "cute". Use an email address you will
actually check on.

Stay tuned For: Resume Writing Tips Part 2 !

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