Resume Writing Certifications that matter

by fred 15. April 2009

With all the resume services out there, one of the ways to make sure that they are the right qualifications to write your resume is to check what type of certification they have. There are several professional resume writing certificates available and here are a few that are trustworthy and will guarantee your writers know what they're doing:

Standing for Nationally Certified Resume Writer, NCRW is the most popular association. Resume Writers can get this certification from the National Resume Writer’s Association or the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. In both cases, they are required to study resume writing concepts, must attend classes, submit a sample resume and cover letter for review and must pass an exam.

CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) and NARW (National Association of Resume Writers) are popular associations where writers should also take a resume writing test to be able to get certified. They also include trainings and continous education, just like NCRW.





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