Resume Guarantees

by fred 21. April 2009

When ordering a resume from a professional resume writing companies, one of the most important elements you should consider is what type of guarantee they offer. For example, if they don't offer any type of guarantee, this is obviously a red flag that this company might not be good.

When it comes to resume writing, the industry standard is getting one or several free rewrites if you feel your resume doesn't get you the results it should - usually interviews or, in some cases job offers, depending on the resume writing company.

However, if you look hard enough you should be able to find companies that offer even better guarantees, by giving you your money back if their resumes don't get you the results they promised (once again interviews and/or job offers). With all the resume companies available out there, choosing a service that offers a resume writing money-back guarantee is certainly your best bet, as not only it reduces your chances at wasting money on a resume that doesn't work but it also pretty ensures you that it will be a high quality resume as those services would be out of business if most their customers were requesting refunds.

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