Nursing Resumes Land The Better Jobs.

by carlos 29. October 2008

There is currently a high demand for nurses. Whether they are registered nurses (RN), nurse practitioners, and practical nurses or even traveling nursesthe need for qualified experienced nurses is growing.

As the baby boomer generation ages there will be an increasing demand for trained nurses. There is a need for both full and part time nurses. Currently the median pay for full time nurses is between $43,000 and $63,000 with many nurses making well over $70k and $80K a year.

Experience varies for the different fields:

Degree in nursing: 2 year associates degree or bachelor’s degree, depending on the level of nursing.
Nursing license
Periodic classes and training
to stay current with developments in the field
Master’s degree (if required), especially for nurse practitioners
Outstanding communication and people skills
True desire to help others, especially in stressful situations

While getting a job as a nurse is not always difficult, a professionally written resume can be the determining factor in getting the better nursing positions available.









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