Nursing Resume Tips

by fred 23. March 2010

Though it is a true statement that nurses are in high demand nowadays, there are also many nurses looking for a job. When you submit your resume for a nursing position you are giving the hiring manager a first impression that you cannot take back.  If it looks amateurish and unprofessional then they may assume the same is true of you and will not even give you an interview.

Be certain to plan your resume up so that it flows well. Your contact information should, obviously, be the first item that the person that is reviewing it reads. underneath this should be a brief summary of your skills that will intrigue the HR manager.

Following your summary section, you should add a very targeted list of your experience in nursing. You should include all of the important data such as your previous employers and the type of hospital that it was.

After you have told about your prior experience you should go in to more detail about your competencies. You might consider making a bullet point list that includes any certification that you have received or any area that you an expert in.

Be sure to include a paragraph in your resume that shows the many contributions that you have made in previous positions.

The following paragraph in your nursing resume should include details about your education.  If you received any scholarships, make certain to put it in this section.  Put the final touches on your resume by doing a careful check for any typo or grammar mistake that you may have made. Use plain white or cream colored resume paper to print your resume. It will look much more presentable and will make a great impression on the hiring manager.

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