Executive Resume Writing Requires Time and Skill

by carlos 18. April 2008

When the need arises for an updated resume, busy professionals often face several challenges. The two most common challenges expressed to us by clients in need of an executive resume are finding the free time to devote to the task, and the frustration of attempting the skill involved with such a specialized style of writing.

It takes time to craft an Resume that properly represents your skills and value...and time is a rare commodity. As Job seekers we must often keep up appearances with a current employer without revealing that they’ve begun searching for another opportunity.

An executive resume isn’t the type of document that can be pecked out on the computer in one evening. Achieving the perfect representation of your education and career history may take many hours of work and  plenty of trips to your dictionary and thesaurus...several drafts...spell-checks...and don't forget...plenty of proofreading. 

Writing a resume isn’t like other types of writing...it's specialized. Even professional writers in other fields find Resume writing, summarizing their skills and experience on paper can be overwhelming. An attorney may be skilled in writing a legal brief. An executive assistant or manager may write powerful business reports...but will it be enough to tempt an interviewer to call?

 Even a human resources director, who spends much of her life sifting through applicants’ resumes, can find writing their own resume to be intimidating.

When time is an issue here is what we sugest:

1. Acknowledge that there are only so many hours in a day. If keeping your current employer happy with your performance is a priority, take care of what you do best while allowing a professional resume writer to take care of what he or she does best – crafting an executive resume that’s guaranteed to land you the interview.

2.Gather all of the information needed to prepare your executive resume, such as the version of your resume that you used to land your current job. Jot down your current duties. As a senior-level professional, you may be surprised by the amount of time this, alone, can take.

3. Place your trust in the skill of a professional resume writer. Just as you trust your mechanic with your car or your physician with your health, you should allow a professional to develop your executive resume. Take advantage of your writer’s skill and experience as she sells your skills and experience on paper.

When time is of the esence, Hire a professional resume writer  and success will be yours.


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