CFO Resume Writing How To

by fred 27. April 2010

The Chief Financial Officer, CFO for short, is a extremely challenging position that requires you to manage the record-keeping and the financial planning of an organization.

To help employers figure out if you are the right candidate for the job, a resume that is well-written will definitely do the trick.

On the very top and on the first page of your Chief Financial Officer resume should be your contact information.

The main body of your Chief Financial Officer resume should highlight your career profile. This section should identify any of you professional degrees that are related to the job you are applying to. The career profile should also mention any position you have held with executive duties.

The second section of your CFO resume is your work experience. The jobs need to be listed in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent work. Try to focus on your most current jobs. Your job as a cashier at a fast food restaurant during college should not be the focus of your professional career.
To present your executive experience even further, you should additionally enter extensive data about these positions, particularly the last three. To do this, prepare a paragraph about each position, fully describing your job responsibilities.

Then, the following part should feature your degrees and certifications. In this part, you need to supply your degree, including any award you may have got and how long you studied. You also need to supply any state registration you have as a C.P.A., practicing attorney, etc.

The last element of your resume should be about your professional and civic affiliations. This segment should mention any of you professional and community memberships.
When you are writing a Chief Financial Officer cover letter, you need to be very cautious. The protocol for the typical resume calls for 3 to 4 of your previous positions. But, there is a different standard that applies to Chief Financial Officers; you should never leave anything out.

If you are looking into a Chief Financial Officer position, or you are planning on moving to another CFO position, good CFO/finance resume writing would be a great way to begin.

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These are some great tips. Don't forget to include any significant accomplishments, such as increasing revenue by 10% in a given quarter.

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