7 Resume Killers

by carlos 18. June 2008

When you research Resume Writing, you will find an awful lot of advice on what to say but just as important is what not to include in the Resume

Here is a compilation of 7 items you definitely do not want on your Resume!


Pictures: Submitting a picture is opening you up to immediate discrimination. Some people don't like moustaches on men or red hair on women. Some don't like people that are overweight (subjective) or people that are too thin. Before you inadvertantly alienate someone just lose the picture. A well written resume will do away with silly opinions.  

Personal Information: Aside from your name and contact information, your personal life is well personal not professional. Unless your marital status or personal health directly reflects the job you seek, it’s not significant and needs to be left off of your resume. Personal information is just one more way to open the door to  decision based on weid opinions! 

Graphics/Cute Gimmicks: Cute is cute and maybe even fun but one thing it isn't is professional or business level communication. send the cute little graphics to your friends in yourIM's and your emails but resist the temtation to place them on your resume!

Reasons for Leaving Jobs: Almost every job application has this question on it, and most employers will ask you about this. However, you need to leave it off your resume and let the employer ask about it in the interview, where you can fully explain yourself. Listing reasons for leaving jobs is only another setup for failure in most cases.

Hobbies and Interests: Your boss won’t care if you’re an avid RV enthusiast or if you collect paper clips! Putting hobbies on a resume is simply a waste of space. Most of the time you can answer these questions (if they come up) in the interview.

Salary History or Expectations: This is a trap ! By listing your history, you’re exposing yourself in the worst way. You’re either going to appear to be too expensive if your salary history is high, or get underpaid because of your low salary history. Even if the announcement asks for it, let the employer know in your cover letter that you will discuss this at the interview.

“References Available upon Request”: Unless an employer asks for references, they don’t want them right away. So use the space on your Resume for more Important things like "selling yourself"



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