What is a Resume

by scott 4. August 2007

According to wikipedia, "A résumé...is a document containing a summary or listing of relevant job experience and education, usually for the purpose of obtaining an interview when seeking employment.”

While this is true, it isn't the complete story.

In many federal jobs and government jobs, your resume is run through a machine and is given a grade. If it doesn't score high enough, no human even sees it.

When applying at a large company, the human resource department can be even worse. They are looking at thousands of resumes each week, and will just scan your resume looking for “buzz” words. If the "buzz" words aren't there, it gets thrown away.

So now you may be thinking to just load up your resume with lots of big words so you can get through the screeners. While that has been thought of before, it ultimately lands you in the same place. Yes, your resume may get through the first round of screeners, but then your resume will be read by an actual human: either the recruiter, human resources person, or the supervisor. And if your resume doesn't read well, you won't get called in.

This is why getting your resume professionally done is crucial.  They know the “buzz” words and know how to effectively use them.

Have your resume crafted today and start getting interviewed tomorrow.

Alternatively, you can call us at 1-800-939-7026 to talk with any one of our talented resume advisors.  They can give you a free resume consultation and best advise you on the correct path you should take.


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