The Most Fundamental Resume Errors

by carlos 13. August 2007


What are the most fundamental...the most basic...mistakes you can make when writing your resume ?

There are only just a few. 

Fundamentally, there are four errors which will get your resume overlooked or tossed out.

1. Misspelled words!

You are probably thinking I am ridiculous for bringing this up, but I see
Resumes daily, (for high paying positions), that are rife with misspelled words.
Who wants to hire someone that can't spell ? ANSWER: No One!

2. Lack of focus or not targeted to a specific position.

Your resume has to show you are qualified for a...particular position. The hiring agent doesn't have the time to..."study"...your entire work and educational history and then make mental calculations to see if there is someway in which you may be qualified for the position.
There is no such thing as a...General Resume...that is Effective.

3. The resume isn't written for someone in the real world workplace.

Usually the resumes I see have to be...studied from beginning to end to even get any to whether or not the applicant..."may" possibly have any of the... attributes, qualities, skills or abilities...the employer may be looking for. Please remember this is...2007...everything must be done...NOW. People are in a hurry...they have lots to do. There isn't time in anybody's schedule long unfocused general resumes. In a real world work place...the resume has to "quickly" communicate...the applicants...skills, abilities and the reader. The reader has to be able to "get" this in a matter of a...few seconds...not minutes.

4. Lack of Contact Information
There is nothing worse than getting a resume that doesn't have any contact data . How can I call you if you don't list the phone number ? This isn't as common as  errors 1 to 3 above, but it is fundamental and does occur from time to time.

There are more errors that can be made but they can be extrapolated from the ones listed above.

Good luck !
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