Is It Time For A New Job ?

by carlos 25. September 2007

Do you dread going to the office on Monday morning? How about Tuesday and Wednesday ? If so, you've got lots of company.

With a very low unemployment rate you'd think people would be happy at their jobs, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Employee dissatisfaction is growing. Reports show that 50 percent of employees are not happy with their jobs.

And with a threatened recession on the horizon, as many economists think may be occurring, the job market is sure to get tighter.

So should you quit? Before quitting I would say to consider what the problem is and if there is a solution.

Are you overwhelmed. ?

Is the work is too hard ?

Is there too much work ?

Do you have a "demon" for a boss ?

Can you do anything about the conditions so that you don't have to leave?

Well lets say the worst case scenario comes about and you decide you need to go, how do you handle it?

The best things to do are :

1. Leave on the best terms possible . Don't burn your bridges with you current employer when you leave. Make your exit as smooth as possible . Remember everyone you work with is potentially a great reference.

2. Get yourself an Outstanding Resume. This is the most neglected job search tool. An outstanding Resume will get you interviews you never dreamed of. In your new job search, this is probably the
most important piece of the puzzle.

3. Besides your own networking and resume distribution efforts get your Resume Professionally Distributed. There are roughly 80 sites where your Resume should be posted and there are hundreds of people looking
for people with your skill set right no that should have your Resume in their hands.

4. Get your Interview skills sharpened and honed. Be confident and go to the interview with composure and a full set of questions so that you can be certain the new company really is for you.

Good Luck and may your job search be swift and profitable.



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