Including a graph in your resume

by fred 23. March 2009

Most job seekers think that a resume should be formatted a certain way and they certainly wouldn't imagine putting a graph in their resume. However, there are fields and positions, where you can actually place a graph to emphasize your results.

Indeed in fields such as finance, sales, executives and sometime even IT or engineering, it might be a good idea to put a graph to show how you were able to increase whatever statistic matters (sales, Gross income, efficiency, etc ...). If you feel that this might be a good option for you, make sure to research that it is indeed accepted in your area - for example, if you want to spice up your finance resume ask some HR specialist or co-workers if this can be done and look for examples to see how and where you can place a graph

 Also, avoid doing this if you're in an entry-level position as it is more appropriate if you're at least at mid-career or in a high-level position.



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