IT Manager Resume Tips

by fred 20. April 2010
The demands of an IT manager are becoming higher with the increased sophistication of this industry. Therefore, whether you are writing an IT resume to get a better job or to negotiate for a promotion, you will need to demonstrate your ability to successfully meet these demands.

You first need to identify a resume format that best matches the description of the job you are applying for. Avoid overusing capital letters, underlining and italic formats. This makes the resume look amateurish. Keep it simple. Avoid using too many words as this bothers the employer.

Obviously, your technical skills and experience are essential to landing the job. It is essential to indicate your know-how in the fundamental skills required for an IT Manager including your capacity to deal with budgeting, IT project analysis, designing and execution. You also need to show your capacity to manage the project life cycle, your proposal writing expertise, your bidding talents and your ability to manage customer relationships.

You also need to demonstrate how these skills allowed you to manage technology and people effectively. Though, avoid indicating too many core skills. This is where countless candidates make a mistake. An extended core skills list only shows you as a generalist and may only work to reduce your chances. You should also showcase your major achievements and the tangible results it brought to the organization you worked for.

Though it is a tech job, it is important that your resume does not present you as an overly technical candidate as it is essential to show your appreciation to the business elements. It is important to show such qualities as leadership skills and your ability to evaluate the ROI. This is an area where you can easily score points as few prospective IT managers highlight this. Companies are looking for IT managers who have a wider view of the business and manage the IT department in alignment to the overall mission of the business.
Finally, be certain that you proofread your resume after completion so that there are no grammatical mistakes.

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