Crafting a Resume Masterpiece

by carlos 1. July 2008

Writing an executive resume is an important enterprise and should be treated as such. You must take every precaution to out-maneuver the competition. This means taking the time and effort to ensure that your executive resume is interesting and stands out from the crowd.

Make certain that you have all of your information gathered and ready to put into your resume. Planning your Executive resume is just as important as writing it.

The standard elements included in Executive Resume Writing are:

Name and full contact information

A Professional Statement or Objective

An Executive Profile

Work history, including ONLY relevant jobs and experience

Education, including high school and all colleges attended

Other experience, including training, licenses, and certifications that is relevant to the job opening

A Professionally Written Cover letter, that draws attention to your qualifications and ability to do the job

There are also elements that should never be included in Executive Resume Writing :

Don't include information that is irrelevant to the job you're applying for ( Hobbies, personal Intersts, etc.)

Never submit a resume with spelling errors or grammatical mistakes

Never submit a resume without Following the instructions of the job announcement very carefully

Do not use cutesy fonts or graphics on your Executive Resume. Keep it simple and professional. 




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