What to do when it comes to job interviews

by fred 2. January 2011
Getting a job interview can be exciting but also stressful. Making a good first impression can be challenging and the most difficult thing about it is that you only really have a few minutes to prove yourself before you are either hired, or before you're back to the beginning again looking for a job.

Job Interview Dos:

You do want to make sure you dress professionally whenever you're going to visit the company. Beside your resume, your appearance actually gives the interviewer a message without you having to say a thing at all.

You should always make sure to learn more about the company and its mission. You will be amazed at how many interviews always get the question about what do you know about the company, and how vaguely these questions get answered. 

Another easy to do thing you may want to do is show up to the job interview early. 

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