Tips on Federal Resume Writing

by carlos 21. August 2007

Most of us are proud of our careers and we naturally feel our Resumes should touch upon everything we've ever done . But we sometimes go overboard. Your Resume (OF-612 or Resumix) shouldn't cover your entire  career from day one. Your KSA's should specifically cover the exact question asked. The fact that you delivered pizza during in 1982 doesn't have to be included. 

The Details of Your Job Announcements

Look over several announcements, Study the questions. The jobs don't have to be your ideal job you're simply looking for the important qualities required such as: education,skills, experience and other qualities considered important. Focus on the "requirements," the "skills" the "qualifications" and which buzzwords are connected with your ideal Federal job.

Your Presentation

Applications are quickly skimmed over at first, it is absolutely essential that your resume and KSA’s jump right out and sell you fast. Your best and strongest points need to be obvious and you should address each  KSA question directly. If a KSA question asks about your writing ability, detail your experience immediately, don't talk at length about your enjoyment of it.

Be Concise; to the Point

Remember you are writing your "employment" history not an autobiography. Federal Recruiters are overwhelmed with resume submissions and they have to sift through this huge jumble. They quickly scan through the all submissions looking for the rigfht candidates. So you need to stand out ! Look over, scrutinize your resume and/or KSA’s and ask yourself these questions:

* Can the rescuiter recognize my strong points within 8 to 10 seconds?

* Does the really important data shout out to them?

* Does this resume effectively sell me quickly on the first page?




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