Should I Write My Own Resume?

by carlos 9. May 2008

That's a very good question! The answer isn't the same for every person.

It really depends on your ability to objectively assess your strengths, abilities and experience and your skill in being able to communicate these qualities in an interesting and succinct manner to a potential employer

An employer generally spends only 10-15 seconds glancing at your Resume before deciding if you are a possible candidate for the job. So your writing has to be good enough to grab his attention quickly. also has to be of a high enough quality that once the quick once over is done and the employer decides to really "read" your resume, that your skill in building your value is good enough to "sell him" on calling you in for an interiew. 

It is crucial that yourResume Writing brings your job history, accomplishments, and qualifications to life in the eyes of your potential employer. IF you can do that Write your own Resume . But if are not 100 % sure  hire a competent certified  Professional Resume Writer.

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i want my own resume

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