Recession Proof Career Advice

by carlos 29. January 2008

 With the concern over the economy and possible employment woes, (please note that the employment picture  looks very strong), There are many whom are looking for answers.

"What should I do if lay-offs occur?"
"What should I do if I can see "the writing on the wall?"
"Should I get out my Resume now, before it's too late?"

These are all legitimate questions. Below are some tried and true actions you can take to strengthen your position regardless what turn the economy or employment scene may take.

1. Work Harder / Be More Productive.
If and when the economy gets to the point that lay-offs or downsizing occurs. You are least likely to be handed a pink slip if you are seen to be an employee of value and worth. As a highly productive employee you are helping to keep the company afloat in hard times. Anyone but a very biased manager or company owner recognizes that a mile away.

2. Contribute Solutions Don't Create Problems
Things getting hard to manage because of lay-offs? Is the workload getting heavier on those that are still on board?  Well look at the bright side... you are still employed. Come up with a bright idea or two to make the whole process run smoother. Be creative...take a leadership role...One who is part of the solution is harder to let go than one who is part of the problem.

3. Avoid the complainers and the self appointed victims in the workplace. Look frankly they may have been your friends when things were good but these people are the ones that do not rise to the occasion they are the ones that just give up. They say they understand but all they DO is complain and point out how hard it is and how bad they have it now. Avoid them! Their negativity is contagious and like a disease it spreads, makes a company ill and can be fatal to your employment!

4. Get your Resume in tip-top shape ready to use at a moments notice.
Even when you do all you can sometimes things can go bad. But you should be expecting that...right? It's the nay sayers I mentioned above that "pretend" they had no warning. ready...take action now if you see the writing on the wall. It's a lot better than not being ready! I suggest getting your Resume written by a Professional Certified Resume Writer. They will put you at the top of the list  make you stand out and get you Job Interviews and Job Offers.

For the best, go to Resume.Info or call directly to 1 800 974 8717.

Good Luck!





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