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by carlos 9. August 2007


Lately, I've been hearing a lot of complaining. Complaining about KSA's, complaining about Resumix resumes, complaining about Federal Government Resumes.

Now I'm sure you're not the one doing the complaining about these things...because unlike are aware that your success in getting a federal position depends totally and only on what...YOU DO...not what someone else does to you.

Of course there are always exceptions to that rule "in life". You can always get lucky and win the lotto or have an airplane fall out of the sky on top of you. But I am talking about...your job...your career...your income!

You have total control over that, even if you think you don't. But of course I know this applies to other people not you.

Look, the Federal Government is hiring like crazy right now !

The Federal Job Market is Hot !

So...are you completely fed up with your job...your boss...your stupid, do nothing, slacker co-workers ?

Alright...Good...What are you gonna do about it?

Stop complaining ! oops I're not the one's the other guy.

Here is all you need to do:
1. Go to USA Jobs check out the...thousands of incredible jobs...they have listed.
2. Go to and get yourself a Killer Resume
3. Send out your new Killer Resume to every possible job opportunity you can, just send it out. Lots and lots of copies of your Resume, until you find the Federal job...that you want !

Hey, This is your life you are living your life not your bosses...go after the things want...for you and your family.
Go for it!

"What if I fall down ?"     Stop Complaining!

Oh, that wasn't you...sorry...that must have been the other guy.

If you fall down...Get up!

In the end you can only lose when you give up.

GOOD LUCK comes to those that work hard.

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