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by carlos 3. August 2007

Many people "mis-estimate" the purpose of a Resume. They assume that the resume will get them hired. That premise is incorrect and so will lead to an inproperly written resume.

The true purpose of the Resume is to...get you an Interview!

This is especially true when you are seeking a position in the Federal Government. That choice can be confusing!

A Federal Government Resume requires more detailed information than you would think anyone would ever need. And not only is it imperative that all the information asked for is included, but the structure and placement of the information within the resume (the format) is critical to your success in getting an interview. Talk about Gov. Red Tape!

Also (because of competition) you need to make your resume stand out in that tall and endless stack of submitted resumes. You have to grab the attention of the reader...Fast !

Grabbing thier attention while staying within the limits of the format (OF-612, Resumix etc.)  and incorporating the KSA's as wel, yeah it is a bit of juggling !

But a government job can be worth it.

The best method to follow when applying for federal jobs is:

  1. Find a position you qualify for.
  2. Read and UNDERSTAND the announcement thoroughly.
  3. Write (or have it written for you) a resume with all the information requested included.
  4. Follow the submission process exactly as written.
  5. Get the Interview!

Many people believe that a Government career is the best employment solution there is based on security, stability, benefits, retirenment and vacation packages.

If this is important to you, you have to make sure you build the resume specifically as required. Of course...you can always...have a professional write it for you. A valid mind saving alternative.




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August 3. 2007 18:54


Is it realistic that I could write my own resume for a federal job?

Scott us

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