Administrative Cover Letter Writing How To

by fred 24. May 2010
A cover letter is the document that complements your admin resume. It's additionally your only opportunity to convince the HR manager that your resume is worth looking at and that you are worth getting interviewed. If you are writing a cover letter for an administrative assistant position, keep the following tips in mind when creating your cover letter.
Understand the company: The first step is to familiarize yourself with the organization so as to establish what you can offer the company in terms of skills and experiences. Use the mission statement as well as the list of products the organization sells and use it to start to outline how you will position your skills appropriately.
Strong opening paragraph: This paragraph needs to clearly describe the position you are applying to. It's also where you should begin to point out the reasons that make you a better candidate than the other applicants. The strength of your opening paragraph is what will establish whether employers will continue reading the cover letter as well as your resume or whether they will reject your application.
Experiences and skills: Even though your resume will carry the details of the experience and skills you bring to the table, the cover letter should include a few headlines that show you are an excellent administrative assistant.

Letter conclusion: Towards the end is where you should mention the documents you are joining, such as your admin assistant resume.
Formatting and Grammar: Few factors can end your prospects of landing an interview as an administrative assistant as document formatting and grammar mistakes. Remember that an administrative assistant will often be required to do proof reading or draft letters in behalf of executive management. Consequently, correct formatting and proper grammar are the basic requirement for the job and your cover letter must illustrate this.

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