3 Principles of Resume Writing

by fred 12. March 2009

Whatever the type of resume you need (entry-level, executive, etc ...) or your field (accounting, engineering, Federal, etc ...), there are three basic principles you should follow when writing your resume:

Be Clear: Make sure that your objective, work experience and education are all clear in the eyes of the employers. They might not be familiar with some of the tasks you did, so make everything understandable and avoid jargon they might not know. You want to make sure the employers won't have to decode your resume as, with all the resumes they will be getting, they won't want to waste their time and will probably skip it.

Be Coherent: Your resume should be relevant and coherent. First, ensure that your objective, experience and education match the job you're applying to. In addition, focus on elements that will matter to the employer. For example, if you're applying to an executive job, the emplyer won't care if you worked in a fast food when you were 18.

Be Confident: Use strong words that showcase how confident you are you will do a great job. But don't overdo it by sounding too arrogant. For example, use somenthing like "I am confident that my ablities will be an asset to your company" 



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