Using the Veterans' preference for a Federal job application

by fred 12. April 2010
Veterans' preference is a program wherein veterans who have received a honorable discharge will obtain either a 5 or 10 point privilege.
Veterans should specify on the Federal resume that they are entitled to and are claiming veteran's preference when applying to federal jobs. With the five-point preference, there will be 5 points added to the examination grade if they served on active duty.
If a veteran served during a campaign for which a medal has been given, it also is a standard for eligibility. During the Gulf War, any person who was on active duty is qualified regardless of where the active duty took place.
To be eligible for the 10 point preference, a veteran must have served and been injured or received a purple heart. Also, a spouse of a veteran unable to work or the mother of a veteran who became totally disabled are eligible.
Students who have veteran's preference are given priority over students that have the same qualifications. The preference is a method by which consideration is given to veterans over other applicants for the same position. All eligibility requirements for any person applying for veterans benefits are similar. The same standards apply whether your are a student or non-student.
The VetGuide on the Bureau of Land Management's website says that eligible veterans receive preference in excepted service appointments and may be thought of for special noncompetitive appointments and merit promotion announcements. Once employed, the veteran's preference does not apply to future positions within the same agency.

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