The Resume Objective

by carlos 13. November 2007

Your Objective statement has to jump out...Attract Interest and Be Easy to Understand.

Don't get too wordy or write in chopped up sentences. Your Objective needs to be intelligent and has to communicate what you can do for your prospective employer.

The goal is a Job Interview, keep that in mind. Structure your Objective in a way that would make an employer excited to call you in for an interview.

Keep the Objective to the point, don't wander - no more than 30 to 40 words if possible.

Here are some examples of typical Resume Objectives.
(Note: These are from real resumes that were sent in to me)

Objective: Looking to obtain a position to supplement my income.

Objective: To obtain a full time position in a growing/stable company.

Objective: I'm a very positive person looking for a position within your
company to excel professionally and personally.

The Objectives above are self-centered, unclear and will not grab an Employers Interest or attention.

Don't make the same mistakes. Write your Objective with Interest and Excitement.




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