Resume Writing, A Heartfelt Testimonial

by carlos 19. November 2007

The following testimonial I have published in full except fpr the deletion of names used ( to protect those guilty of exceptional service.)


If I could only explain how it feels, as if I am holding a million $$ in my hand. 

Seeing my name at the top of this beautifully formatted "rez" is like having my name in stage lights.  I feel as if I changed and as if my life had gotten organized over night by the talent of your secret people weapons, almost like santas [elves]. 

I wasn't expecting [the] mess that I turned in, to come out looking as top-notch professional as the one that was immediately turned in this a.m. 

I was in complete awe and was salivating at the sight of these easy to read, attention grabbing documents!

This has truly been a magical experience and I cannot wait to share my information with other professionals (employers) family and friends.

 After reading these [documents] (especially my rez) I actually started to like myself again,  it restored a confidence that I had lost due to poor representation from my old resume

I walked with my head down and...I didn't bring my rez with me everywhere like I will now.  Okay,  so there was an amazing divine intervention and I have been saved but I must credit those who helped me get there when I was at the very end of myself. 

It was --- that brought me in, sold me, and took extra time to listen to my story and set me up with the right people. 

I gave --- a hard time with price b/c I am really broke but I must tell people that this service is PRICELESS

He totally remained patient with me at all times and I am blessed that he felt my urgency of  trying to get out of a career meltdown.  Then I took of ----- ears for too long,  played phone tag with all for a bit, sent over some incomplete info, and BAM! ...

What you guys did was so succint and whoever fixed my babble is totally superhuman and ultrasmart,  thank you all for coming together to create this masterpiece!   

End of Testimonial.

For some divne intervention of your own go to !





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